Categories of robots
from Cycles A, B, C & D, 2008-2009

A) Household devices

Domestic Cleaning Robots by TG

Cooking Robots by MK

Household Robots by SS

Robo Mow...The Robotic Lawn Mower by TM

B) Industrial assembly-line factories

C) Construction

Construction Cranes by Kelly

D) transportation

Transportation Robot by Mike

Robot Increasing Fuel Efficiency by DP

Crash Test Robots for Safety by KK

E) Military (transportation in war zone)

Military Robots by Zach

Army Robots by Ethan

Self-Driving Planes by GC

New Robots in the US Army by DL

F) Medical (MRI? Not x-ray? Endoscopic nano-robots)

Medical Robots by Jake

Robots to Help with Autism by Rahul

Surgical Robots by Julia

G) Security / Home or Business Surveillance

Surveillance Robots by Kendra

Security Robot by Krysta

H) Personal Use (robotic "pets," kits for hobbyists to build)

The_Wakamaru (robotic features) by Lindsey

Robot Pets by Samantha

The Manoi Robot by Max

Rovio, the Personal Robot by Tyler

Fighting Robots by RC

Human Look-alike Robots by LS

Exploring the complex transformation of robots! by BL

I) Space Exploration, Undersea Exploration

Biomimetic Robots by Vaughn

Space_Robots by Anshel

Aquatic Robot by Andrea

The Aqua Robot by Zain

The Mars Rover by Daniel

Robot Swarm by MS

The ROV "The Beast": An Internet fixing robot by KA

J) Hazardous duty, jobs too dangerous for humans

Field Robots by Cody

The Groundhog Robot by Jon

The Cave Crawler Robot by Pratik

Fire Fighting Robots by VH

K) Education

Educational Robots by Paige

Educational Robots by Ellyna

SchoolBots by MM

L) In the Arts / Entertainment

Robots in movies and TV shows by Mark

Video Game Robots by RM

Dazzling Robots by IE

Soccer Robots by DT

Guitar Hero Auto-Play Bots by JT

Violin Robot by JF

Trumpet Playing Robot by MI

M) Artificial Intelligence

Biometric Robots by Celeste

Programming Robots by NA