What is a robot?

Class Responses for Cycle B, September, 2008


       1) Made out of metal (not flesh); uses a motor


       2) has to have a computer or "be smart" (know how to accomplish something) 


       3) remote control


       4) has to be programmed


       5) has to have a goal or purpose


       6) needs electricity or power source or fuel


       7) needs to be able to move


       8) be able to "sense" (e.g. see, touch, hear, smell,  

Categories of robots

(class responses, 9-12-08)


A) Household devices (toaster?  Thermostat? 


B) Industrial assembly-line factories


C) Construction (crane?)


D) transportation (subways, metro train


E) Military (transportation in war zone, "smart bomb"


F) Medical (MRI?  Not x-ray?  Endoscopic sensors  nano-robots, biomimetics)


G) Security / Home or Business Surveillance


H) Personal Use (robotic "pets," kits for hobbyists to build)


I) Space Exploration, Undersea Exploration


J) Hazardous duty, jobs too dangerous for humans


K) Education


L) In the Arts / Entertainment