Overview of Whole Cycle
Mr. Kendall and Mrs. Hoffmann's
Information Literacy Cycle
for the Seventh Grade

Day 1
In lab, intro to OS 10.4 operating system, signing on to network and distinguishing the new Classwork computer folder from the students' personal network folders. Go over Naming, Saving and Backing Up your work.

Days 2-5
Mrs. Hoffmann, first unit of library use, Introduction to Library resources: Spectrum 5, US non-fiction, EBSCO, catalog, databases and collection; Introduction to bibliographic citation

Days 6-10
First introduction to HTML; learn how to format a page, using TACO software; insert an image, format text, begin to use color text, background; design your own personal web page;
Pairs of students take several digital photos of each other for their first web page
(See web pages for "Day 7," "Day 8," and "Day 9" elsewhere on this web site.

Days 11-14
Mrs. Hoffmann's second round in library: performing extensive research on ONE science topic, using both print and electronic resources. Creating a research folder with project references. Completing the bibliographic citation project, using Slate Citation Machine.

Days 15-19
Back in lab, to image search multiple photos and images of science topic, from web; construct a web page about your subject, using text from library research; properly cite sources and provide bibliography

Days 20-21
Peer edit each other's web pages, revise and improve, and upload final pages onto the RPS web site

Days 22-26
Introduction to computer programming language, using LOGO and MicroWorlds software; finish simple maze or game or a series of geometric drawings as a final project

Days 27-31
Experiment with robotics, using already constructed robotic vehicles, to follow simple programming

Days 32-36
Final round of more web pages, especially with links and some multimedia, or continued work on MicroWorlds or robotics

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