Mr. Kendall and Mrs. Hoffmann's
Information Literacy Cycle
Course of Study

Course: Seventh Grade Information Literacy Cycle


Teachers: Mr. Kendall and Ms. Hoffmann


Course Length: One Quarter


Course Description:


Seventh grade students will develop more sophisticated search procedures for the internet and the school library. They will choose topics from English or science classes and research them in a variety of sources, both within the library and online.

They will design and upload a web page on their research subject, which their English or science teacher may refer to in the course of the school year.

They will practice computer graphics by inserting images into these documents and editing digital photographs for their web pages.

They will divide most of their in-class time learning about web publishing and elementary computer programming. They will study how the HTML language defines web pages, and how the LOGO language can create simple computer procedures and games.

This year, the programming aspects of the MicroWorlds software will extend to a few days experimenting with beginning robotics. Students will learn how to program a robotic vehicle to navigate a simple obstacle course, or perform a similar series of movements, without touching the vehicle itself.

Text and Materials Needed:


In addition to understanding how to use the school network folder, students may wish to invest in a USB keychain storage unit, available from the school store or at any major computer store, if they wish to bring data home to work. All software needed for the course is provided in the Middle School lab. Students should also have a folder for occasional handouts and a notebook and pen for taking notes.

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