Cycle C, 2013-2014, 7th Grade M.A.I.L.
the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi

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2014 Snowboard Cross Men Sochi
by AB

uploaded on 3-11-14

Snowboarding, Halfpipe by AD

uploaded on 3-13-14

Crosscountry Skiing
by KG

uploaded on 3-12-14

Ski Jumping
by LG

uploaded on 4-2-14

Figure Skating: Kim YuNa
by MJ

uploaded on 4-16-14

by KK

uploaded on 3-7-14

1980 Miracle on Ice by VL

uploaded on 4-16-14

Alex Ovechkin by CR

uploaded on 3-6-14

2014 Freestyle Skiing by ZW

uploaded on 4-2-14

by MJ

uploaded on 3-12-14 .

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