Cycle D, 2011-2012
7th Grade Multimedia and Information Literacy Web Page

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Erin Hunter
by DB

uploaded on 5-15-12

Jack London
by LB

updated on 5-16-12

Charlie Higson
by OC

updated on 5-11-12

Pseudonymous Bosch
by CT

updated 5-18-12

Jeff Kinney
by BC

uploaded on 5-14-12

Rick Riordan
by SF

uploaded on 5-11-12

Pendragon Series
by MJ

updated on 5-18-12

Sarah Dessen
by TK

uploaded on 5-18-12

The Hunger Games vs. Theseus and the Minotaur
by JL

uploaded on 5-15-12

James Barclay: Legends of the Raven
by AL

updated on 5-10-12

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
by CS

updated on 5-10-12

Heather Brewer
by MM

updated on 5-11-12

Neil Gaiman
by RR

uploaded on 5-14-12

Lemony Snicket
by MS

updated 5-16-12

The 7th Grade Shopping Cart Floats

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