7th Grade Multimedia and Information Literacy
Cycle Web Page, 2013-14

Exploring Robotics and
Programming Multimedia

Building Web Pages from Library Research

Beginning Web Pages

Mr. Kendall's Six HTML Lessons to create a web page

The Integrated Mars Rover Web Page from Cycles A, B and C
of the 2010-11 School Year

Favorite Authors page

Cycle D, 2013-14 Web Page

Cycle A, 2013-14 Web Page

Cycle B, 2013-14 Web Page

Cycle C, 2013-14 Web Page

Cycle A, 2011-12 Web Page

Cycle B, 2011-12 Web Page

Cycle C, 2011-12 Web Page

Cycle D, 2011-12 Web Page

Cycle A, 2012-13 Web Page

Cycle B, 2012-13 Web Page

Cycle C, 2012-13 Web Page

Cycle D, 2012-13 Web Page

Building and Programming Robots

Cycle D, May, 2012:
Final Projects for Robotics

EV3 tutorials from another source

Ideas for Additional Robotics Projects


ball kicker

dog sled team




bumper car

claw striker


Cycle A, Jan, 2013:
Final Projects for Robotics

Learning Engineering Through Building Sturdy Structures

Before students use robots with motors and sensors, they will divide into small teams and design structures with strong structural integrity. These photos show teams from the 2011-12 school year responding to the challenge of building a "spatula arm" which projects at least 11 inches out into space and is only held onto a desk by one of the student's hands. The team then sees how many AA batteries the arm can hold, before the batteries spill or the structure breaks apart.

Congratulations to the Purple Team of Cycle D (on the right).

On April 24, 2012,they became the first group in 8 cycle groups and approximately 32 teams, to engineer a spatula arm so strong (101 batteries), that it broke a LEGO piece, but the structure did not fail!

Scratch Multimedia and Programming
Software Web Site

Programming in Scratch

Doppleme.com web site for making an avatar for Scratch

First Project, Blue Dog Talking as a demonstration of simple programming

Second Project, Blue Dog from Mars showing more sophistivated programming

Mars Polar Lander showing simple animation to reinforce library research

Green Dog Questioning showing how to begin simple interaction with user, using "ask" and "answer" programming blocks

"Return to Mars!" creating a simple maze game (2013, based on second book on Scratch)

Scratch Projects from Cycle B

Racetrack by Ar. A Daisy (talking flower) by A.I. Kaleidoscope by N.P. Submarine by M.S.
Frog and Butterfly by S.P. Conversations by A.V. Zotar by K.B. Moon Ballerina by A.I.

Scratch Projects from Cycle A

11) The Case_of_Banana_Girl_A_M 12) cat_or_dog?_A_M 13) dance_contest_S_P 14) Dr Phyllis_ K_K 15) Helicopter_Game_B_F
16) Marci_Caribou_K_K 17) Marci_ Kimani_K 18) monkey_zebra_N_T 19) Moon_creature_J_R 20) Outerspace_B_C
21) Paul_Jimmy_J_L 22) spy_rocket_car_game_B_P 23) Treasure_map_R_K

Scratch Projects from Cycle C

26) ballet dance by MM

27) Super Dragon by NV 28) Rally by PC 29) Mars Polar Lander by KC 30) Asteroid to Mars by AW
31) Mars Rover drilling for Water by NV

32) Football Genius by AS 33) The Odyssey Orbits Mars by RP 34) The Supernaturalist by MM 35) The Mars Penetrator by DJ
36) The Phobos-2 Orbits Mars by FJ 37) Failed Mission to Mars by VJ

warning: turn audio down on your computer

What is a Robot? discussion

Examples from 2008-2009

Research Web Pages on Robots in the Real World

Cycle B, 2009-10

Cycle A, 2009-10

Cycle C, 2009-10

Cycle D, 2009-10

General Information about the Course

Assignment Schedule for sequence of skills and deadline of projects

Our course of study, which includes a list of materials and supplies needed, and classroom procedures.

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