Using Scratch in 7th Grade Information Literacy Cycle

I) Beginning Examples from Mr. Kendall

A) Blue Dog Talking:
a first attempt at a simple animation

B) Blue Dog from Mars:
a second version of animation, with some more interesting programming

C) Green Dog Talking to a Human: a script for the Question and Answer Format

D) "Return to Mars!" creating a simple maze game (2013, based on second book on Scratch)

II) Examples from 7th Grade Students

A) the Maze Game (older version, 2011?) with dragon

B) Using the Pen and Looks Programming Blocks

III) Examples from Wendy Martin's Instructional Films

A) Animated Letters:
Here are pictures of the scripts for the sprites of "D," "E," "A," and "N", from the 7 minute film we watched in class.

IV) Examples of More Advanced Scratch Ideas (for Cycle A ;-)

A) Ideas from Clint Blackmore
Half a dozen more complicated challenges