Beginning to use HTML

  1. First Lesson in HTML: Beginning Tags:
    The basic tags needed to publish any web page

  2. Second Lesson in HTML: Graphics and Color:
    How to insert images and make a basic link to other pages

  3. Third Lesson in HTML: Additional Text Formatting:
    Additional text formatting and organizing text on the page

  4. Fourth Lesson in HTML: Links:
    How to connect your web pages to each other and to other sites on the Internet

  5. Fifth Lesson in HTML:

  6. Sixth Lesson in HTML: Multimedia
    Creating animated GIF's and Quicktime slideshows and movies

Other web sites for HTML information
Name of siteWeb AddressAdditional Information
The Center of Math, Science and Computer Education at Rutgers good HTML primer which provides a helpful dose of terms and examples, without overwhelming
the Funky Chicken page http://www.funky-chickens.comYou may need to use a Windows computer and need a Shockwave plug-in for the full effect, but a teen web designer provides highly accessible explanations and examples.
the Dynamic Drive page useful scripts, along the lines of the Funky Chicken
the Earthweb Web Developer page page also provides many ready-made HTML scripts and tips
HTML Goodies Express offers a wide array of tutorials, including more advanced lessons on JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets and frames
Layoutland.Com beginners or busy desingers, who don't want to start from scratch, this site offers templates of web designs you can download and customize for your own use.
How Do They Do that with HTML?"There are two parts to a web page: the HTML and the graphics. The first section of this guide will focus on the graphics, while the second section goes more in-depth with some tips and tricks of HTML."
Creating School Web Pages Minot School System offers numerous other sites with HTML advice
Writing HTML"Alan Levine, an instructional technologist at the Maricopa Community Colleges, has composed "Writing HTML," a wonderful on-line tutorial and reference site. Very helpful for beginners.
Nancy Powell's Web Page Construction Tutor site offers multimedia help for beginning web publishers, especially teachers.
Creating Web Sites refdesk.com web site which lists 143 numbered links to expand your HTML knowledge.
Cool Texthttp://www.cooltext.comYou can customize and animate text for banners on your own web site.

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