Loose Change
Drew and Nigel

Station Agents should find a small timer in your Ziploc bag. You may wish to say out loud "45 seconds," "30 seconds," and then count down "10, 9, 8, 7," etc. to add to the suspense of the competition.

Spin Doctor

1) Spin Doctor:
Player uses hands to spin coin on a table. Second player stops coin on its edge using 1 finger.

1) Prior to game start, place a line across center of table.

2) When clock starts, player spins coin from designated start area, then blows it across line.

3) Second player must stop coin on its edge using only 1 finger.

4) Either player may spin coin and send it to the other player.

5) To complete game, 1 coin must be stopped on its edge for 3 seconds within 60-second time limit.

- Coins
- Table

Super Coin

2) Super Coin:
Player must bounce and land 1 penny off of a table and into the opening of a small container two feet away.

1) Center the small container two feet away from the table.
2) When the clock starts, player may grab pennies and begin to bounce them off the table, 1 at a time, using his or her designated throwing hand.
3) To complete the game, a quarter must bounce once on the table before landing into the water jug within the 60-second time limit.

- Table
- small container
- pennies

On the Rebound

3) On the Rebound:
Contestant must bounce ping-pong balls off a clipboard worn by the partner and into 3 containers.

A team of two players must work together to rebound ping pong balls off of a clipboard into a basket.

The clipboard is worn on the waist by one player and the other player throws ping pong balls at the clipboard, so that the rebound of the ping pong ball lands in the basket.

The players must rebound three ping pong balls into three respective baskets within a sixty second time limit.

The players have "unlimited" ping pong balls, but the members of the team not particpating should help recover used ping pong balls and bring to the player that is throwing the ping pong balls.
- 3 baskets
- 1 clipboard
- 1 belt
- ping-pong balls

Tilt a Cup

4) Tilt a Cup:
Incrementally build a wobbly tower of cups and ping-pong balls by bouncing a ball off the ground into a growing stack of cups held in the hand.

1) Basket of ping-pong balls is placed on table.
2) Player holds stack of 8 plastic cups in 1 hand.
3) When clock starts, player may bounce a ping-pong ball on floor and into first cup from six feet away.
4) To successfully complete game, player will bounce ping-pong ball into cup, then stack new cup on top and bounce another ping-pong ball into it until all cups contain a ping-pong ball.

- 8 plastic cups
- Basket of ping-pong balls
- Table

Ball in a Cup

5) Ball in a Cup: Adapted & Created by Drew & Nigel:
The goal is to propel a ping-pong ball towards a cup, ala golf, using only the air from the crayon water pumper to propel the ball

1) The station agent should set up three small drinking cups.

2) Using the crayon-shaped squirter, the player must use the air from pumping the squirter to put the ping-pong ball in the cup.

3) The player must "sink the put" for 3 balls in 60 seconds. The balls should be 3 feet away from the cups to start. The player may NOT touch the balls`with any part of their body!

Extra Game, should not be needed

Penny shuffleboard

6) Penny shuffleboard: Adapted & Created by Drew & Nigel:

A circular board (radius 1 foot) is created with tape on a desk.

A smaller circle (radius 4 in)is circumscribed within the larger circle. the larger circle is then divided in two (perpendicular to where the player slides the pennies).

The small circle is worth 5 points, the the front large semi-circle is worth 1 point, the back large semi circle is worth 2 points.

The purpose of the game is slide pennies into the semicircles from a distance of 4 feet from the center of the circle and get exactly 10 points. Players can knock pennies out of circles, so score is based on where pennies are at the end, not where they were at any point leading up to the end Players have a total of 15 pennies to use but do not need to use all pennies. They can play the game as many times as they want to within 60 seconds.