06-07 Strong Responses to Goodman's
"The Company Man"


Cookies: opening line and whole intro;  his life "a business report on a product that failed"Cookies' response, part one ; Cookies' response, part two ; Cookies' response, part three ; Cookies' response, part four

anonymous_3: pinpointing Goodman's attitude in thesis: thesis statement

Vida: strong intro: Vida's introduction

Body Paragraphs:

anonymous1: p. 1-2 syntax, punctuation Anonymous_1's response, part one
Anonymous_1's response, part two

sleeper: "the diction of statistics"; use of a framing device: sleeper's response

Kirby: paragraph on use of "stereotypical titles (p. 1) Kirby's response

the bat: great title "Till Death"; very ironic; paragraph on syntax (p. 2-3) the bat's response, part one; the bat's response, part two

Camrie: use of diction: Camrie's response

anonymous_3: paragraph on word choice (p. 2-3): Anonymous3's response

Brilliant: title ("Death of a Machine"); outline and planning before drafting: Brilliant's response

Cookie Monster: syntax (p. 1-2); p. 2, tone "work as a drug: Cookie Monster's response, part one ; Cookie Monster's response, part two ; Cookie Monster's response, part three

Anonymous_2: Goodman's narrative style

Whole Essay

Vonnegut: whole essay

Humphrey: strong prose style, personal inter-connection: Humphrey's whole essay, part one ; Humphrey's whole essay, part two

Whiteduck: intro and carefully phrased thesis; whole; conclusion, style: Whiteduck's whole essay, part one ; Whiteduck's whole essay, part two ; Whiteduck's whole essay, part three ; Whiteduck's whole essay, part four ; Whiteduck's annotated page of the question

See Cookies above, in first section

See Cookie Monster above, in second section

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