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Sources for 2006 citations

Several links to the 2005 film version with Keira Knightley
Jane Austen Information Page
This is the site I printed and handed out in class..

This is where I found most of the still photos from the A & E production of the DVD we're using in class.

Eras of Elegance
A bunch of "thumbnails" photo stills our the DVD production

A Guide to the Jane Austen (Goucher College's Jane Austen Collection)

American Society of Jane Austen Scholars

Jane Austen's House
several maps, photos and description of setting

See Jane surf: Surf, Jane, surf!
"The cult of Jane Austen keeps the faith on the Internet"--although humorous in tone, this site does have much legitimate information, including many links
Major center of links and other resources. One of the first places to start

a sub-page of the Nordic Jane Austen
Enthusiasts in Scandenavia have compiled an impressive list of links. The "Galactic Jane Austen" is a hoot, with Klingon, Star Wars and other science fiction characters infiltrating 18th century England to join the fun.

Jane Austen's England: A Literary Guide (Footsteps map)
Jane Austen's England is an excellent literary tour guide and specialist tourist map with detailed information on the history and attractions of the famous novelist's England.)

Romance of the Written Word: Focus on Regency
a sumptiously designed page for the period, with some amusing satirical pieces

Contemporaries of Jane Austen
another good site for understanding the time period

Janeites (discussion list)
a lot of raw material and possibilities

Darcy's Story from Pride and Prejudice (Janet Aylmer)
includes some illustrations form the time period

Jane Austen - P&P2BB: A Support & Discussion Group
Their motto at the top of the page sets the tone: "Your haven in a world programmed to misunderstand an obsession with things Austen." Great resources

Austen E-texts, Etc. (Cathy Dean)
a complete directory of the author's work in cyberspace

Jane Austen Society of North America
a bastion of respectable information

Jane Austen Society of Melbourne
also offers legitimate info

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