Sarah Kendall's Published Stories, 2011

1) June, 2011 issue of Halfway Down the Stairs magazine features "The Crimson Oyster Club."

2) Summer, 2011 issue of Dragnet Magazine features"You, Green Sweater with Taped Glasses, Me, Redhead Busted for Smoking."

3) July, 2011 issue of The Legendary features "We All Think That Way Sometimes."

and Sarah's author bio page is at

4) October, 2011 issue of Small Doggies features "Irene Tries."

and Sarah's specific story is at

5) Fall, 2011 issue of Ink-Filled Page features "Great Falls"

(Scroll about a third of the way down the page.)

6) The December, 2011 issue of Bluestem published "Turducken"

7) The January, 2012 issue of Front Porch Review published "Facing the Minotaur"

8) The May, 2012 issue of Word Gumbo published "How to Cope with Drilling Woodpeckers"

You can't view the magazine on-line, but click on the image of the magazine to download the PDF version of the magazine to your hard drive, and you can read it there.

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