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Study Guide Questions

Chapters 1-3

1) Why is Holden being kicked out of school?

2) How does Holden disagree with Mr. Spencer about his philosophy of life?

3) What does Mr. Spencer do which makes Holden angry? Why?

4) How does Holden feel about lying and phonies?

5) How does Holden feel about reading books?

From the class of 2000 (in January, 1996 English I class)

Chapter 4 (Victor, Nina & Mike)

1) What is Stradlater's personality like?

2) Who is Jane Gallagher? How does she affect Holden?

3) Would you consider Ackley Holden's friend? Why or why not?

Chapter 5 (Abbey, Danielle, Rob)

1) What made Ackley so annoying?

2) Who does he go to the movies with and why does Holden go?

3) What did Holden write the descriptive essay about? Why is this significant?

Chapter 6 (Anthony, Assad & Mitch)

1) How does Holden's deep affection for Jane cause his distress when she goes out with Stradlater?

2) What kind of a friend is Ackley to Holden? Why?

3) Despite the way Holden and Stradlater act, why are their child-like actions acceptable?

Chapter 7 (Maura, Janel, Jeff)

1) What causes the fight between Holden and Stradlater?

2) How does Holden plan to leave Pency Prep, and why does he take the actions he did?

3) What is Ackley's reaction to the fight and how does he treat Holden after he heard his story?

4) Why does Holden yell, "sleep tight, you morons!" before he leaves?

Chapter 8 (Isaac, Greg, Brian)

1) Why did Holden continuously like to Ernest Morrow's mother?

2) Why was he on the train to New York City?

3) Why did Holden dislike Ernest Morrow?

Chapter 9 (Victor, Nina & Mike)

1) Why does Holden feel so lost when he gets to New York City?

2) How does Holden try to overcome his loneliness while in New York?

3) Why does Holden keep asking about the ducks?

Chapter 10 (Danielle, Abbey, Rob)

1) Why does Holden want to talk to Phoebe?

2) What bothers Holden about the girls he dances with?

3) Why does Holden tell the girls he saw Gary Cooper?

4) Why does Holden only drink Cokes at the bar?

Chapter 11 (Anthony, Mitch, Assad)

1) How does Holden's previously living in New York affect his present situation?

2) Why does Holden's thoughts and ideas make it harder for him to think about Jane?

3) Why does Holden's mother never really like Jane?

Chapter 12 (Maura, Janel, Jeff)

1) Why does Holden ask the cabby about the ducks?

2) Where does Holden go during his first night in New York?

3) What is Holden's reaction to D.B.'s friend, Lillian Simmons?

4) How does Holden feel about Ernie?

Chapter 13 (Isaac, Greg, Brian)

1) How does the story about Holden's gloves getting stolen show his personality?

2) What resulted from Holden's meeting the prostitute?

3) What character traits of Holden appear as he kids the prostitute out of refusing her services?

4) What character traits does it show of Holden when he says that he hates fist fights?

Chapter 14 (Danielle, Abbey, Rob)

1) Why did Maurice beat up Holden?

2) Why does Holden refuse to give up the $5?

3) What is Holden's view on religion?

Chapter 15 (Victor, Nina & Mike)

1) Why does Holden call Sally Hayes even though he thinks she is phony?

2) How do Holden's views about religion change when he is talking to the nuns at breakfast?

3) How does the suitcase incident between Holden and his roommate show their differing attitudes?

Chapter 16 (Anthony, Mitch, Assad)

1) How does the buying of the record by Holden show his feelings for Phoebe?

2) How does Holden's meeting Sally make it feel more like a chore?

3) Why does Holden go through the park and museum, but never go in the museum?

Chapter 17 (Maura, Janel, Jeff)

1) What is Holden's reaction to meeting Sally's friend George?

2) Why does Holden get confused about his relationship with Sally?

3) Why did Holden want to elope with Sally?

4) What events take place at the play to cause Holden to realize things about himself?

Chapter 18 (Isaac, Greg, Brian)

1) Why does he keep putting off calling Jane?

2) What does Holden from the time between when he left the rink and met Carl Luce?

3) Why does Holden openly admit that he is a "sacrilegious atheist"?

4) How can you tell from this chapter that D. B. has a big influence on what Holden says and does?

Note: Original list from the "Voices of the Shuttle" web site. I then cut dead links or irrelevant to my English I / 9th grade English class.

rating system: 5 mice=highest value to 1 mouse, minimal, but something to offer (worthless sites deleted from original list)

VOICE OF THE SHUTTLE HOME PAGE helpful search engine for literature

A terrific "first page" which lists most of the major search engines and many designed for more specialized work

The original results of a meta-search at Dogpile: Search Results {J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye} -p.1

LookSmart J.D. Salinger Guides and Directories

J.D. Salinger "Bananafish" Home
Welcome to the collaborative, online J. D. Salinger home page! Within these pages, you will find a (somewhat complete) bibliography, information on Salinger's beloved (and loved) characters, opinions, anecdotes, and more. (3 mice)

J.D. Salinger
a good page for links (4 mice)

The Praises and Criticisms of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye
specific sub-page of the above site, with literary criticism (5 mice)

Biography of J.D. Salinger
useful beginning information on the novelist (3 mice)

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
lists a dozen links (3 mice)

The Catcher in the Rye - a helluva good book!
displays original jacket cover, with Holden wearing his red hat and offers quotations and a dozen links (4 mice)

The Catcher in the Rye
A student gives summary of characters and setting. Individual effort offers insight, but not academic credibility (3 mice)

Page Index for: The Catcher in the Rye
extremely useful as cross referencingt tool. Exactly as the name implies, it's a hot text listing of events and characters in the novel (5 mice)

Book Review: The Catcher in the Rye
individual opinion (2 mice)

FringeWare, Inc. - Bio: J D Salinger
Provides detailed timeline not only of Salinger's life, but also of other authors and events of the time period. Many broken links on the page, but the text still offers useful information. (4 mice)

The Catcher in the Rye Homepage
offers some information, as well as a censorship battle about posting information on Salinger (3 mice)

Book of the Month Club 3 paragraph comentary (3 mice)

The Catcher in the Rye: Reflections
Highly opinionated comments, but not without merit and certainly echoing the style and mindset of Holden. All links on the page require you to enter confidential information, but the page itself might intrigue some of you (3 mice)

Offers a huge array of material. Definitely explore this further, for links, structure and insight (5 mice)

SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye
Reminds me a whole lot of basic Cliff Notes . . . From a design point of view, it makes good use of hypertext (5 mice)

Early Reviews
Offers many reviews from 1951 and gives a sense of the novel's immediate impact (4 mice)

EducETH - English -
Offers good teacher material, including a detailed annotation of the Robert Burns poem, Comin Thro' the Rye(5 mice)

Most Frequently Challenged Books in the US in the early 1990s
Shows a list of most banned books and our novel's prominent position (2 mice)

BUILDER.COM - Web business - law and the Web: can you quote passages from a book?
More info on the book's censorship problems (3 mice)

Buy Banned Books, Materials -- Read Banned Books, and Decide for Yourself
more information on banned books (3 mice)

Catcher Page
Excellent images from the novel, related poems, such as Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay" and other information. Also offers some Student Activities (5 mice)

Holden Caulfield as the Typical Teenager
Exactly what the title suggests, this 1994 essay extensively examines Holden's use of language (3 mice)

A Brief Biography of J. D. Salinger
Background information on the author (3 mice)

The Holden Server
worth a deeper look (? mice)

A Catcher's Page
Extensive cross referencing and direct quotations from the novel. This page invites more literary criticism and discussion (5 mice) - Catcher in the Rye
The Borders Book Store site offers comments from other famous writers about the novel's influence on them (3 mice)

Western Canon Great Books University Lecture Halls and Chatrooms
Offers many chat rooms to discuss characters or themes. Good use of hypertext to index the novel. (4 mice)

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