Fahrenheit 451 Review for Test


1) Format for Test

A section of five to ten multiple choice questions. Please e-mail Mr. Kendall your sample multiple choice question no later than 8:00 p.m. tonight, Wed, Dec. 7, 2005 for a 5-oint homework grade and also to supply material for a good test.

2) Sample Multiple Choice Targets

Sample multiple choice beginning targets included:
A) Important characters, such as Montag, Clarisse, Capt. Beatty, Millie, andProfessor Faber (and possibly Prof. Granger, the leader of the group at the end of the novel)
B) The futuristic setting
C) The Mechanical Hound and the "Firemen"

3) Ideas for Essay Question Topics

As usual, you will have two-three choices, from which you will answer one (25-30 minutes):
A) Montag's growth from Fireman to Reader
B) Bradbury's warning against censorship and totalitarian rule
C) Others?

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