Study Guide Questions for Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

from chapters 9 to 17, composed by small groups on May 9, 2002

Chapter Nine  (M.T. and L.S.) (after the first visit to Miss Havisham's)

    1) How does Pip describe Satis House, Miss Havisham's place?  Why does he lie about the house?
    2) List some examples where he lies about the house.
    3) Why does Pip bring up the dogs to Mr. Pumblechook?
    4) Why does Mr. Pumblechook as so many questions about the house?
    5) Why does Pip talk to Joe?

Chapter Eleven  (V.Y. and S.C.)  (Pip's second visit to Miss Havisham's)

    1) Why are SArah Pocket and the other visitors at Miss Havisham's house?  What do you think their relation to her is?
    2) Why do you think Miss Havisahm doesn't want her birthday to be mentioned?
    3) Name a few things that Estella did to further torment Pip.
    4) Why do you think all the clocks are stopped at 9:20?
    5) Describe the significance of the pale young gentleman that Pip encounters.  What takes place during the scene?

Chapter Fifteen  (A.K.. and M.D.)

    1) What does Pip do with his knowledge on Sunday afternoons?
    2) Who is Orlick, and what is his relationship to Joe?
    3) What was the casue of the argument between Mrs. Joe and Orlick?
    4) What occurred in the Satis house that caused a great change?
    5) What disaster occurred at the end of the chapter with Mrs. Joe?  Do you agree with the way Pip felt about it?  Why or why not?

Chapter Sixteen and Seventeen  (M.M. and L.S.)

    1) Who do you think broke into the house and attacked Mrs. Joe and why?  Support your answer, based on the information given in the chapter.
    2) What do you think Joe is thinking when he finds out that Mrs. Joe has been attacked?
    3) When Mrs. Joe is being care for, she communiates with a slate.  Why do you think she continually writes the letter "T" on it?
    4) Why is Pip embarrassed by being an apprentice to Joe?
    5) Why does Pip get angry at Biddy when she tells him to stay away from Estella?
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