Mr. Kendall's Summer School
Multimedia and Digital Film Course, 2009



Individual Student Multimedia Projects

In order to view the following MicroWorld projects on the web, your computer needs a MicroWorlds web player, which you can download at: Web Player. The site gives instructions for both Windows and Macintosh web players. Just read carefully.

Apple's Safari web browser for Macintosh OS 10 system seems to work best.

Bat Multimedia Story
Be patient. This takes 30 seconds to load.
updated 7-17-09

Mountain Climbing Maze
Be patient. This takes 30 seconds to load.
updated 7-17-09

Stay Tuned for Coming Attractions!
Here are some scenes from the upcoming "The Mayan Adventure" Digital Movie

Deep in the jungles of Guatamala, the runins of an ancient Mayan temple have just been discovered.

Professor Phil Kelly has invited his nephew Evan to visit the archeological dig for a few weeks on his summer vacation.

A manuscript reveals a number of tunnels and passageways guarded with booby traps and hidden pressure plates

Research assistants Max and Grace help in the translating of the manuscripts and in excavating the ruins

An ancient scroll lies hidden at the end of a tunnel, guarded with traps.

Worried you have seen your last Indiana Jones movie? Stay tuned for "The Mayan Adventure"!

See our movie, "The Mayan Adventure"and other case studies of how Stephanie and Divya created the film