Mr. Kendall's Summer School
Robotics and Introduction to Programming Course, 2009

First Round of Robotics: GolferBots, GrabberBots, And ExploroBots

Jason and Neel experiment with their
"Penalty Ace" robots

Stephanie and Depika adjust the wheels
on their GrabberBot

Brian and Abhik prepare to test
their ExploroBot

The SnapShotBot took photos
immediately, but had more trouble
with line following and turning
slowly with a heavy structure.

The StringBot learned to
dropped pebbles into the
Mayan jar

Brian and Ahbik created
Snout, an alligator robot

Individual Student Programming Projects

In order to view the following MicroWorld projects on the web, your computer needs a MicroWorlds web player, which you can download at: Web Player. The site gives instructions for both Windows and Macintosh web players. Just read carefully. You need to use Apple's Safari web browser for Macintosh OS 10 systems.




updated 7-17-09
Going Home
updated 7-17-09
Hungry Babies
updated 7-17-09

Depika and Stephanie's combined game, The Mission




The Great Dog Escape game
Snacman: Revenge of the Ghosts
updated 7-17-09
Space Invaders game
updated 7-17-09
Hungry Gorilla game
updated 7-17-09

Stephanie and Depika's combined game, The Mission

Additional Photos of Robotic Construction and Creations

The ultrasonic sensor slows the
GolferBot down as it reaches the tee,
before the light sensor gets the club ready to swing.

Neel finishes the programming on the
SnapShotBot, while Jason assembles
the robot.

The completed SnapShotBot, which will go
into the Mayan library and take a photo
of the inside of the room.

The SnapShotBot takes a photo of
Mr. Kendall taking a photo of it.

The PushBot needs to shove the Mayan Statuette
onto the pressure plate, to make the Burial
Chamber safe for humans to enter

The Multimedia class uses the brick
surface of the Memorial Garden to
simulate the ExploroBot's navigating the ancient ruins.

The GrabberBot's ultrasonic sensor tells
it to slow down as it approaches the end
of the tunnel and the scroll.

Once the GrabberBot lifts the scroll off
the stone pillars, it still has to grip it and
back up down the six-feet tunnel.

With the ExploroBot passing its test, Brian
and Abhik begin to construct the PushBot,
the last of the five Mayan robots.

The StringBot acts like a ski lift chair,
crossing a room of booby traps on a
twine high above it.

After we film the GrabberBot succeeding,
Depika and Steph start to put together the StringBot.

Once the StringBot crosses the room
on the twine, the lift arm at the bottom
will drop pebbles into a jar, to trigger
the pressure plate.

See our movie, "The Mayan Adventure"and other case studies of how our students constructed and programmed their robots