Kendall Summer Fellowship 2013


In the spring of 2013, I applied for a Summer Fellowship for Innovative Teachers from the Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers.t This is a description of the grant:

"The Center believes in "from the ground up" educational reform. We believe that superior results are most likely achieved through the efforts of the individual teacher in the individual classroom. Our fellowships honor and support these teachers, while stimulating innovation. Applications for fellowships may emphasize innovation in pedagogical (acquisition) areas, or in motivational strategies, as well as ideas for curriculum reform.

"Applicants must be active, full time, pre-university teachers. Summer activities covered by the fellowship should lead to implementation during the following school year."

After I was accepted, I spent about two months reading 15 books, three or four dozen articles from web pages, and watched a number of TED talks related to my area of interest.. My initial goal was:

I would like to research the ways to keep live conversation at the heart of the classroom exploration of literature, while taking advantages of 21st century techniques, which can capture and expand the limitations of one person talking at a time. Parallel with this, I would like to "upgrade" the skill of a close reading of literature to employ techniques of tablets and wireless networking, without losing the focus on text and human involvement. Thoughtful reading should begin discussions, through examination of syntax and imagery, just as "marking up" a text can begin a deeper sense of analysis and understanding.

Results of the Research:

Here is the Final Report: The Best Vehicle of a Transformed Mind: How Educators Can Balance Technology with Class Discussion and Close Reading

The Simulated Nine Days of Discussion of Pride and Prejudice

is available on a Schoology site. Please e-mail for an access code, specifying your name and school or educational interest, and I will send you the information to view them.

Annotated Bibliography of Major Works

Bibliography of summer research

Memorable Quotations and Imagery

Oral Presentation for 10-21-13

Categories of research note cards.

Sample index cards of class discussion comments from one of my AP Writing classes last spring, 2013.